Release Cash from Your Inventory

We optimise the sale of your exits and overstocked items
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reduce inventory

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reduce warehouse COST

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How leanstocker Works

We use your product, inventory and sales data to identify your problem stock and then automate discounts to sell through your problem stock at an optimal margin over a target time period. We permanently free up cash from your Inventory, reduce warehouse costs and improve stock turns
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1. Set Target Stock

We identify your problem stock (items that will take the most time to sell through) and set a target stock level and time period to reach that stock level

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2. Set Initial Discounts

We set an initial discount based on required uplift in monthly units sold. We provide you with the data upload to your
e-commerce platform

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3. Track Performance

We track how well problem stock is selling: both the value of COGS sold over time and stock locations cleared

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4. Optimise Margin

We look at how each individual SKU is selling. If a SKU is selling too fast or too slow we adjust the discount accordingly


Our system brings flexibility to handling problem stock
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Set Rules by Category and/or for Private Label

Set different discounts and sell through rules and targets by product category and private label / own brand

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Uploads for your ecommerce platform

We provide the uploads you need in the correct format for your e-commerce platform

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Set rules for Exit / Non-Exit Stock

Flexibility to push Exit Stock harder and only clear Exit stock for particular categories

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Multi-warehouse and multi-store compatible

We can manage multi-warehouse and multi-store / multi-currency sites

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Alternate Months on sale

Set items to alternate on and off discount so problem stock rotates in and out of sale

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Protect Margin

Set a minimum margin to achieve by product category (translates into a maximum discount)


We offer two good value plans. Contact us so we can work out what is best for your business
  • Up to 100,000 SKUs
  • 1 Warehouse
  • 1 Currency
  • Allow Exclusions
  • Alternate Month
  • Rules by Exit/non-Exit
  • Set Min Margin
  • Check Item Enabled
  • Data Uploads
  • Sell Through Tracking
  • SAME as SILVER +
  • Rules by Category
  • Rules for Private Label
  • Rules for clearing last few items
  • 100,000+ SKUs
  • 2+ Warehouses
  • Multiple Currencies

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